By Curever

1 x 170ml bottle

Composition Magnesium Hydroxide 250 MG, Simethicone 50 MG, Aluminium Hydroxide 250 MG/5 ML
Form Suspension
Packsize 170 ml Bottle
Bottles/ Carton 1 x 170ml bottle
Bottles/ Carton 40
MRP / Bottle ₹ 80/-


Combination of two antacids (Aluminium Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide) and an antifoaming medicine (Simethicone). Welagene Suspension is available in delicious mint flavor.


The antacids neutralise excess acid in stomach. Magnesium Hydroxide also has a role of laxative and help clear the bowel. The antifoaming medicine disintegrates gas bubbles and allows easy passage of gas.


  • In Acidity - Relieves excessive acidity and prevents heartburn and indigestion.
  • In Stomach ulcers - Reduces the amount of acid which prevents further damage caused due to the ulcer
  • In Bloating - Improves the movement of food in the stomach and helps prevent bloating.

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