Ora Swift Gel

Ora Swift Gel


A pain relief gel for mouth ulcers, sore throat and dental irritation

By Curever

1 X 10gms

Composition Choline Salicylate 8.7 %W/W + Lignocaine HCL 2 %W/W + Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 0.01% W/W
Form Gel
Packsize 1 X 10gms
Tubes/Carton 20 x 10 gms
Tubes/Shipper 400 tubes
MRP / Bottle ₹ 48/-


Ora Swift is a pain reliever gel that reduces pain and inflammation in mouth


It works by blocking the release of prostaglandins which cause pain and inflammation redness and swelling in the mouth.


It is used in the treatment of
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Sore gums
  • Dental irritation

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