By Curever

Strip of 10 Capsules

Composition Rabeprazole Sodium IP 20mg (enteric Coated pellets) + Domperidone IP 30mg (Sustained Release pellets)
Form Capsules
Packsize 10s
Strips/ Carton 10 x 10s
Strips/ Shipper 800
MRP / Strip ₹ 90/-


Powerful combination to relieve severe acidity. Rabeprazole is available in enteric coating form. (An enteric coated drug is covered in a layer which protects it from enteric/ stomach acids so that it can pass on safely to intestine). Domperidone in sustained release form ensures day –long relief


Rabeprazole is a potent and fast inhibitor of gastric acid secretion. Domperidone increases the movement of the stomach and intestines, allowing the food to move more easily through the stomach


In the management of severe acidity, ulcers, heartburn. Given as co-prescription with other drugs.

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